Technology made simple – Handling and maintaining glassware

Technology made simple – Glassware

The best technology is always simple. Simple to grasp, use and share.

We spend quite a lot of our time with customers supporting their understanding of how to get the best results out of their Instruments and measurements. We give deep technical explanations as to how the hardware and software works, and offer “Best Practice” tips on how to deal with different objects and applications.

The above image above depicts two glass cells used to measure the colour of powders, pastes, granules quickly and reliably. We will have meticulously demonstrated the need to keep cells clean inside and out for accurate reproduceable readings.

A closer look will reveal that the bottom of the left hand cell is covered with a smoky haze, while the right hand cell is squeaky clean. The image is not 100% clear but once you read this, the difference is visible.

The left hand cell came in with an Instrument for certification. Here we are going to all the cost of certification and service, and trying to keep standards perfect, while this cell has been used over and over to measure food grains, without it seems a moment to give the cell a wash at some time.
All that technology wasted by using dirty glassware. Why?

Some times we have to teach “Best Practice” in the simplest terms.

Assume that a Colour Measurement Instrument is just like your eye.

  • It is OPEN to the World.
  • No dust or liquids are welcome.
  • If wearing glasses, they must be CLEAN.
  • Don’t handle or touch.

We know that if we can not see because of dirt or liquid in our eyes, or if our glasses are covered in grease. The Instrument behaves in the same manner.

We measured how much dirt was on the Left Hand cell in terms of Colour CIE L*a*b values, and the results are below:

Keep the glassware clean | Treat them like your eyes

Tips for glassware maintainance:

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