Packaging For Your Annual Calibration/Service Is Important.

At Narich (Pty) Ltd we pride ourselves on offering the BEST service and only expect to give you nothing but the best, but we ask you as our CUSTOMER to play your part as well.

Once you as a customer have purchased one of our Konica Minolta colour measurement instruments, we at Narich (Pty) Ltd suggest that given regular use of your device an annual Service and certification is key in order to ensure continued optimal instrument performance and inter instrument agreement. As the only Konica Minolta certified service providers in Southern Africa we send our instruments with all required accessories in secure and safe packaging. Ensuring the instrument is untainted when it arrives at its new home.

This key process is necessary not only for when our customers receive their instruments but also when the instrument is sent in by the customer for calibration into one of our two service stations centres in Johannesburg or Cape Town.

At the time of your annual calibration, if you are freshman and are servicing for the first time or a full-fledged master having serviced numerous times, take special care in securing the instrument in safe packaging and including every single accessory the instrument comes with.

Here are some frequently asked questions from customers.

  1. What should you include when sending your unit in for a service

“Please send in all masks, cables, AC adapters, the calibration plate and any other accessories that need to be tested or calibrated to the unit” (Taken from the Konica Minolta Website)

2. How to pack my instrument for sending to service station? 

“Whenever possible, use the original packaging of the instrument. If that is not available, please make sure that enough space around the instrument is filled with Styrofoam or other filling materials to prevent damage during transport” (Taken from the Konica Minolta Website)

Additionally and most importantly the instrument itself should be packaged comfortably into bubble wrap.

We at Narich (Pty) Ltd do not advise sending the instrument in an unstable box with shredded paper for example. This will not securely protect your instrument. In this scenario if we receive the instrument having suffered any damage we cannot be liable or held accountable for any and all compromise the instrument may endure. Which is why we advise using the images below as guidelines for the appropriate packaging.

Accessories that the instruments comes with are also to be sent in with the instrument for service and certifications, as these are vital to the calibration process of your instrument.

Please See Images Below: When Sending You Instrument and Accessories in A Box

1. Make Sure Secure Protective Wrapping Is Placed At The Base Of Your Box (If sending your instrument like this)

2. Protect (BUBBLE WRAP/PROTECTIVE WRAP) Your Instrument and Accessories and place above of the base wrapping.

3. Lastly place another form of bubble wrap or protective wrapping over that instrument + Accessories before closing the box and sending it to us for its annual service.

Please See Images Below: When Sending You Instrument and Accessories in A Hardcase

Make sure correct Instrument and its Accessories are securely fitted into the hard case.

Instruments Hardcase Closed.

You can close your hard case and send your instrument through to us for its annual
We continuously provide only the best SERVICE & SUPPORT for all our customers as we understand the importance of your need as a customer to control quality and maintain excellence. We would appreciate it if as our customers you worked with us to continue to meet this need.
Thank you all, from the Narich (Pty) Ltd TEAM.