When you choose to work with us, you are in safe hands – Narich™ (Pty) Ltd


The decision to purchase a product from a personal point of view is quite simple. Is the product affordable, fit for purpose, and is there some sort of after purchase care?

R&D customers are never sure if the product will work for them, but willingly run the risk in the name of progress. They still however want after purchase care.

Quality Managers and Manufacturers are the most demanding. While the product must be the “Latest Thing”, they want to know who else uses it. Pricing will be haggled as if in these competitive days anyone thinks that they can over charge, and in a separate department to quality, where conflicting agenda’s may arise. Certainty in suitability is also required, that is a no risk decision. The product may also have to comply with certain National or Global standards. The one thing in common though, is after purchase care.

What can you expect from us? Our answer in short, is that you are in safe hands.

Narich™ (Pty) Ltd is 24 years old this year. We are Tax and BBBEE compliant Distributors of Scientific and Industrial Instruments for Global Brands like Konica Minolta Sensing and the Halma Group Ocean Optics. We also offer Rhopoint Instruments and Alfa Dispenser products for Coatings.

We have a Trade Mark (™) indicating that we offer a unique service. Apart from being a distributor, which means taking full responsibility for the products sold, we offer service, support and Instruction on the use and care of your purchase.




As a customer, if you don’t like us, you still have recourse to our Principals who will also ensure that you receive the care and attention expected.

We have two major service centres, in Cape Town and Johannesburg, with four Service Technicians to keep your systems going. We have Sales and Support based in the three main centres, Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

We offer free website support, either by “Contact Us” form requests, or by using our extensive blog support area where customer’s questions are answered. We offer paid for Webinar support and we can also arrange on site service and support as required.

We are in a position to enable Warranty Claims and ensure that our Principals deliver the required support.

Probably the best insurance you can have is to look at some of our customers listed on our “About Us” page. Call them if you wish, for their opinions. You will also see our team is a blend of older wiser mixed with younger smarter, promising the depth of experience and the enthusiasm of youth.

We know what you require, and while we don’t consult for a fee, we will ensure that you order the correct solution for your application.

Trust our team from sales through finance, to implementation and support. We will be there for you.