How to download, upgrade and install SpectraMagic NX quality control software?

Follow these steps to upgrade or install SpectraMagic NX software.

SpectraMagic NX Pro or Lite from Konica Minolta Sensing is a quality control software that is compatible with Konica Minolta colour measurement devices. This software is template-based and allows users to manage, interpret and report colour measurement data in a graphical view. Measurement results are conveniently displayed and while ‘bad’ readings due to poor measurement procedures can be deleted, no readings can be edited or adjusted.

Different reports can be created through the software allowing users to report daily information to managers or generate and create Certificates of Analysis for customers.

As seen in this blog, in order for the instrument to connect to the software, customers require a HASP dongle. This dongle protects against Hardware and Software piracy and is crucial in operating the software. Managers may not require this HASP should they wish to simply analyse or view the data, but it is required when trying to connect an instrument to a PC.

What happens once I order SpectraMagic NX? How do I download the software?

On receiving your order for SpectraMagic NX software, you will receive a package that contains, amongst other things, the blue HASP dongle. This dongle does not contain the software on it, but rather acts as a key which allows connection between the software and the instrument.

In order to use the software, customers will need to download and install the software from the Konica Minolta Sensing website. Follow these steps to download and install the software:

  1. Visit Konica Minolta Sensing website page for software downloads. Click here to visit the page.
  2. Under the menu “Color Data Software SpectraMagic NX”, click on the link as highlighted below. The latest version will always be the only option available to download.
  3. This will take you to an End-User Agreement stating the Terms and Conditions associated with downloading this software. Read through this agreement and click “I AGREE” at the end of the document. If you do not agree to the end-user agreement you will not be able to download the software.
  4. After accepting the End-User Agreement, you will be directed to a contact form. Complete this form and ensure that all information provided is accurate and true. It is crucial that you include an email address that is valid as this email address will be used to send the installation link for the software. Click “SUBMIT” to complete the form and make the request to Konica Minolta Sensing.
  5.  Once you have submitted your details on the above contact form, you will receive a notification stating that a download link has been sent to the email address provided.
  6. Check your emails for an email from Konica Minolta Global Core. This email will contain a download link which directs you to a page to download SpectraMagic NX software. Please take note that this link is only valid for 3 downloads and will expire 30 days after receipt of the link.
  7. Follow the installation guidelines set by Konica Minolta and install the software. Ensure that you have inserted your HASP dongle into the PC when attempting to connect to an instrument.

Our team will receive a notification relating to the download and should you require assistance in installing the software or connecting to a device, contact our Support Team.

Are there any annual license renewal charges or fees?

No. SpectraMagic NX software is purchased once-off and there are no ongoing license or usage fees. Konica Minolta Sensing offers free upgrades for the lifetime of the product and users can continue to update to the latest version as they are released.

In most cases, there is no reason to update to the newest version of SpectraMagic NX unless you have purchased a new device and require updated drivers which will be contained in a newer version. There are always risks involved in updating to a newer version and you should always contact us before attempting an upgrade.