Groundbreaking technology on show – Join us at ECS and FAF in March

If you are in the business of Coatings, Decorating, Facade Design and Interior Architecture there are two shows coming up in March 2019 that are a must.

Both are in Germany, and they overlap in the same week, offering the potential of visiting both expo’s in a short time and minimal travel. Maximising your exposure to some of the latest technology available in the Coatings and Decorative markets.

The famous European Coating Show runs from 19th to the 21st of March in Nuremberg with conferences running from the 18th to the 19th of March.


Straight from the European Coatings Show, a pleasant train ride will take you from Nuremberg to Cologne where you can then attend


Running from the 20th to the 23rd of March.

FAF is hosted at the Cologne Exhibition Centre. With numerous exhibitors and stands at both of these innovative and well-known shows, there is no bettter place to see some new, disruptive technology in the Design and Coating industry in Germany this March.


Why are we telling you this?

Between these two shows you will be able to see some of the most innovative and disruptive technology ever seen in the Coatings sector, combining tried and tested science with the 4th Industrial Revolution.

Konica Minolta are launching a new instrument during ECS, especially suitable for the Colibri Colour Prediction software which is also on show. A full view of the latest instruments and software, such as the new SpectraMagic NX software, is available. Where better to find the perfect colour management solution for your business?

At the other end of the spectrum (No pun intended) see the mini Colorimeter the Nix Pro Colour Sensor at the Alfa Dispenser stand. There will be a very interesting process happening on show here. The Nix Pro coupled to a standard colour database will scan, search and sort colours with unrivalled ease and accuracy, using your own Android or IOS smart phone.

Alfa Colour Dispensers will be showing the future of paint sampling in the most reproducible and reliable way. A mini factory will be shown here so that you can see the process unfold in-front of you.

As we have an interest in all of these developments, Narich will also be represented at the show. Find our colleagues near the Konica Minolta stand at ECS.

Gain full control of your colour manufacturing, dispensing and managing.

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