Connecting Konica Minolta Instruments to Software in Windows – Summary

We have a number of Blogs on this site on connecting your Konica Minolta colour measurement Instrument to a Microsoft Windows 7 or 10 PC or Laptop.

Search for “Connect to PC” to call them up.

By way of a short summary we can characterise the main issues as:


Lets look at each one individually, bearing in mind more than one issue could be in play.

COM PORTS – CR-400/410 Series Chroma Meters
When connecting an Instrument to a PC to interface with our SpectraMagic NX or Colibri Software older CR-400/410 Instruments may use an RS – 232 protocol.

An RS232 serial port was once a standard feature of a personal computer, used for connections to modems, printers, mice, data storage, uninterruptible power supplies, and other peripheral devices. It is stable and reliable, but slow and not suitable for large volumes of data, but good for a Colorimeter like the CR-400/410.

RS-232 Protocol – Female

RS-232 Protocol – Male





















Konica Minolta CR-400/410 Series
Cable Head to PC

The bottom connector in the above image connects to the Colorimeter Measuring Head, while the top would connect to a PC or Laptop with a Male RS-232 Port on a board. Do not confuse an RS-232 port with a blue VGA screen connection.

To connect, plug the PC end into the PC RS-232 port, the other end to the Instrument and switch the Power on.
Ensure that the Instrument is in “Remote” or PC Mode. (See your manual for details)









Ensure that Windows has registered the connection in DEVICE MANAGER












Finally in SpectraMagic NX Pro under Instrument / Communication Setup select the DROP DOWN menu.







Ensure that the COM PORT setting is the same as registered in Device Manager (COM1) in this case. More comports may be visible from past usage but only the Device Manager port should be used. NOTE: Never change the rest of the settings – Baudrate, Data Length, Parity and Stop Bit. These are defaults.


COM PORTS – USB connections

As PC’s and Laptops phased out the RS-232 protocol ports Konica Minolta CR-400/410 series Chroma meters
can now be connected with two options:

  1. USB  to RS-232 adaptor cable
    These adaptors normally have a software requirement and are limited to Windows 7 or Windows 10 but usually not bot Microsoft versions. The connection process (After adding the software which comes with the cable) is however the same as above:Connect cable to Instrument and PC
    Ensure via Device Manager which Com Port has been allocated
    Drop down NX Instrument Communication Setup and select the same COM Port number.
  2. USB t USB cable
    These adaptors will also have accompanying software and once loaded the process is straightforward, as in the setup above.


COM PORTS – All other Konica Minolta Spectrophotometers

The only common user issue is selecting the incorrect COM PORT.
If communication fails and there is a cable connection, the cable is not damaged, and the instrument is on REMOPTE or PC mode, then only the COM PORT will be a problem. Use Device Manager to confirm the port allocated by Microsoft.

SOFTWARE SETTINGS – All other Konica Minolta Spectrophotometers

Ensure all the COM PORT requirements are met.
During the Drop Down in the software, ensure that the selected BAUD RATE is the same as the setting on the Instrument. This is particularly for Hand Held devices.

SOFTWARE SETTINGS – All other Konica Minolta Spectrophotometers

The reverse of the above, also ensure that the Hardware Baud Rate is the same as the software. A miss match of Baud rate will result in connection failure.



If the firmware has been tampered with  blank screens and no response from the instrument will result. Return the instrument to your nearest service centre – no user service possible.



When called in to assist users diagnose in the following order:

  1. Is the SpectraMagic Software a demo version expired or a valid copy. (Free updates are available from the Konica Minolta Website)
  2. Is a security Hasp (Dongle) in place is an operation enabled USB port
  3. When sure the software is up and running, connect the cable to the PC. Note the information above on Com Port allocation. Windows 10 often requires a :”Scan for new Hardware”
  4. Connect the Instrument to the cable while not powered up.
  5. Ensure the COM settings and Baud rate on both Software and Instrument agree. (Default 9600)
  6. Power up the Instrument ensuring it is in REMOTE or PC mode
  7. NEVER connect the Instrument to a USB port without valid software as Microsoft will return a non valid USB protocol which will have to be uninstalled.

Use these links to access more Blogs and Resources for solutions to connection issues.



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