Cheap or Quality Service? The Choice Is Yours.

Why would you want a cheap Instrument Service?

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Thirty years ago or more, when colour measurement and colour quality control was in its infancy goods ranging from caps to cars were checked for colour as a final stage inspection.

This may work in a single factory where every component is sourced locally, as were car parts, in Detroit in years gone by.

Today, parts, components, whatever you can imagine, are globally sourced in fast moving supply chains and utilised in Just in Time systems with very little room for error. Large scale use of robots in assembly lines also requires good quality before assembly, not a final inspection at the end of the line.

BMW were one of the first companies to see the folly in returning a car back to the spray booth after a final inspection, and started to check both incoming components as well as check during production to prevent rather that repair errors.

As colour specialists, Narich (Pty) Ltd and our principals like Konica Minolta, had to bring a higher level of professionalism as well as improved technology to keep in step with these new trends.

Konica Minolta Sensing instruments like Colorimeters as well as Spectrophotometers are famous for their Inter Instrument Agreement (IIA) as well as high Inter model agreement. This unique feature enables our customers to share colour data in advance in the certainty that component colours will have a high level of agreement at the assembly line or final retail outlet. It further allows companies that make the same product in more than one site, can ensure conformity across the product range. This is particularly useful for Global Brand food manufacturers, processors and packaging manufacturers.

The second unique step was not only ensuring the highest quality in Instrument assembly, but to subject certification data to a higher third party like National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States. You can follow the full traceability map and explanation on the Konica Minolta Website.

The third step was to ensure that we at Narich (Pty) Ltd adhere to the same Service and Certification process as Konica Minolta, backed up with factory approved software, hardware and traceability protocols. Our service technicians are certified by Konica Minolta Sensing Europe as well as trained at the main European Service Centre (ESC) in Bremen Germany. You can download a copy of the ESC manager’s letter to customers explaining why our service is different Here.

Pricing is controlled by Konica Minolta, ensuring that we meet the same Global Standards as any other centre, without having to double the cost with high shipping charges and delays.

Recently, a friend from Europe mentioned that his Cape Town Hotel now charges the same as Europe. I asked him what the Hotel experience was like, service and quality etc. He thought for a moment and agreed that this hotel met or even exceeded international standards. So why expect cheaper pricing? Could you buy a new car 50% cheaper than the global price? Tell me if you can.

To assist local customers we offer apart from standard global pricing, Service Level Agreements which offer benefits and discounts. As the finance guys become aware of the benefits, our special offers are taking off. Ask for current offers here.

We do not service competitors instruments, and we don’t accept that a third party with a set of tiles is able to certificate our products.

Certification is a bit like buying insurance. You only need it when you are in trouble. Apart from the high IIA which allows unique group solutions, you can be sure in an altercation with your suppliers or customer, our standards and certification procedures will back you up every time.

Everyone knows what competent staff cost, as well as acceptable service centre conditions. It costs a bit more than a bloke with some tiles. But not a LOT more should your product fail to meet your customer’s standards. We service locally but meet the global Konica Minolta standards.

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