Do you want your staff to be Qualified or Competent?

Do you want Qualified or Competent staff? And what is the difference?

We operate in a technical space supplying mainly Quality Assessment solutions for a variety of sectors, from academic R&D, through Food Processing, Automotive Manufacturing, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, Coatings, and many more.
We use Sensing tools as the basis for all our solutions.

There is no place in South Africa, and precious few in the world where these skills are being taught.

Back in the 70’s, I had the privilege of being schooled through a German multi-national, mostly by the actual inventors of the applied technology, or their students and protégée’s.

Even in our own business, when we hire, we look for tertiary educated graduates but most likely they have not receive a qualification in this field. We carry on the tradition of “inhouse” mentoring and on the job training. We don’t certificate our colleagues, in any case WE are not officially competent to “educate”, but we do work with them until they understand the technical properties of our solutions and the science behind them.

Where does that leave our customers?

Like us, they are usually tertiary or have even higher qualifications, but will still have a weak grasp of light based sensing, even if we as humans sense light all the time. For some it the first time using sensing technology and some of the concepts need to be understood.

Technology company’s usually have one or two “techies” who know all the answers, but can seldom be contacted.
Training sessions are all well and good, but in a full day of teaching by one of our experts, did the user or supervisor only need to grasp one or two principals?

We have an innovative solution to the problem.

No lectures about reading the manual, no filling in forms to wait for an answer, or trying to find “The guy”.

We have embarked on a “Nano Support” Technology Transfer protocol whereby the user or supervisor asks a question via various media, and we answer it on the spot with a call back.

The first few calls are free, after which we will bill a modest sum for our time and expertise. We want to make sure that if in doubt about anything, our customers can turn to us and receive the answers they need in a timely manner.

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