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You may use Ocean Optics flagship desktop spectroscopy application, OceanView, to manually configure acquisition parameters and graph the results, or use its built-in “Application Wizards” to walk you through standard spectroscopic techniques such as absorbance measurements or locating Raman peaks. OceanView also allows you to design your own custom measurement procedures using a “visual schematic” view that lets you drag-and-drop spectrometers, transform functions and display nodes to automate your unique post-processing workflow. OceanView is the recommended software for use with Ocean Optics spectrometers.

That is the official position. The problem is however, there are so many Ocean Optics Instruments suitable for so many applications and solutions, Ocean View has to cater for a wide range of eventualities. Additionally, it captures live data in a variety of Spectroscopy disciplines from UV-VIS to NIR, Raman, to mention a few, in the Microsoft, MacOS and Linux environments. This is indeed a Nerds dream!
Happy Nerd

As most of our customers, especially R&D and Post Graduate Students don’t really want to navigate all the options, but just dive into their specific subject matter. Again, the problem is, that while they may be very well versed in the unique properties of their study subject, many are new to the wonderful world of non invasive, non destructive, cost effective, quick and reliable Spectroscopy. Mention Chemomterics and the smile turns to anguish and they reach for the Bunsen burner.

As the regional Ocean Optics distributor, we are constantly faced less with questions like ” How does your Instrument work?” as this is usually the easy part, but more along the lines of “How do we set up the Experiment?” This is a little like buying a car and then asking the car salesman, how do I get to Granny’s house?

While we looked for a workable solution, we managed to make use of willing scientists able to take some time to help resolve some questions, but even when we approach Ocean Optics, there are not enough people to go around on the one hand, and on the other, if you are studying a possibly confidential, and definitely cutting edge subject, you are the only one who sort of knows what’s going on.

A few years back, we met a person who was brought into Stellenbosch University to help solve this puzzle from the other side of the desk, and it made sense to team up, which we did.

Stellenbosch formed a unit called the Central Analytical Facilities (CAF) directly to help lecturers, researchers, and even more, assist industry with a “Try before you buy” option before investing in expensive equipment.

Their official mission is:
The aim of the Central Analytical Facilities (CAF) is to ensure optimal utilisation of expensive multi-user research equipment in the service of the research community of Stellenbosch University, and the South African research and development sector in general.

To this end, CAF consists of operational units built around logical clusters of equipment and managed by a Staff Scientist, who provides advice to potential users on relevant analytical and sample preparation techniques, perform analyses for clients, train users to perform their own analyses and ensure good maintenance, calibration and performance of the equipment.

We have donated or heavily discounted Ocean Optics Instruments to enable CAF to assist our customers and users with their questions, as well as company’s that would to like know more before they invest, and this “Centre of Excellence” while modest, has met many of our mutual requirements.

When Ocean View software was launched, we faced a barrage of “How do we use THIS product” most of which could be answered in due course, but both ourselves and CAF decided that perhaps an Ocean View course should be launched within Stellenbosch University.
The idea is to provide a 2-3 day course at a reasonable cost to point users to the global basics of the software, as well as perhaps look at some specifics as well.

To ascertain interest amongst users, we have set up a survey

Kindly complete this survey and we will let you know if their is enough interest to set up a formal course in Ocean View.
If you cant reach the survey, contact us using the header Ocean View Training at Contact Narich