Back-to-Colour School – Innovative new Technology Transfer Packages

Back-to-Colour School!

We are redefining the concept of training with our innovative training offers to ensure staff competency and improve Colour understanding

Narich™ is redefining the concept of training with our on-site training offers. We promise to ensure that your staff are competently trained to perform the tasks your business requires. We prefer to refer to these training packages as Technology Transfer courses.

Why Technology Transfer?
It’s simple, your business may have invested in colour or light measurement technology and although the technology is world-renowned for performance, inter-instrument agreement and ease-of-use, we find that users lack the basic knowledge that will allow them to get the most out of their instruments. Interpreting data and the basics around colour measurement are not always understood and this can cause misunderstandings and incorrect measurement procedures.

Our Aim is to transfer our years of experience and industry knowledge to these technology users, ensuring that companies use our instruments correctly and receive reliable, consistent results time and time again.

The requirements industry has for employment and the need for real world training in South Africa.

The Department of Education has recently released the latest Matric results. Learners who have work hard and excelled have opened up numerous doors for themselves, whether it be tertiary education or employment opportunities.

From the stats released, we know that only around 37% of learners met the minimum requirements for a bachelors degree allowing them to apply to study further at a tertiary institution. We also know that the current university dropout rate shows that of these 37% of matric leavers, only about 60% of them will successfully complete their degrees.

What is South African industry and manufacturing looking for?

Most corporates and manufacturers in South Africa are looking for candidates who have at least passed some type of tertiary education, with a bachelors degree seen as the minimum standard to seek employment. Attaining tertiary education says one thing to employers; “This candidate has the aptitude and attitude to perform the required role.” This qualification, in most cases, does not adequately prepare job seekers for the real world requirements the job may entail.

It is this gap between what industry is looking for and what our education system is offering that Narich™ would like to try and fill by teaching people to perform roles that industry requires.

How can we fill this gap in the market?

Through customised “Technology Transfer” courses that will educate people on real world applications using advanced optical technology and software. This will allow those who attend the course to bring actual working knowledge to the market and assist companies in improving their Colour Quality Control and interpreting the data they receive. We see it as a real skill that users can implement in their day to day procedures.

Those that attend our courses may not receive a shiny certificate to say they have “passed” the course, but what they will receive is useful, actual knowledge that they can start working from. By applying this knowledge and the skills learnt, users can become masters in colour measurement and control, something that we see Plastics, Food, Paint, Textile and Automotive companies relying on more and more in a modern-era where perception is reality and where consumers determine quality by sight and appearance.

So what Technology Transfer courses does Narich offer?

  1. On-Site Orientation – Instrument and Software
  2. On-Site Implementation – Instrument and Software
  3. On-Site Implementation – Narich™ Colour School and Colour Physics
  4. On-Site Customisation – Measuring your objects – Best settings and practices
  5. On-Site Customisation – Software Customisation
  6. Online Webinar – Single module or topic

Our technology transfer packages are designed to meet your needs and solve your challenges. We design our courses based on your industry requirements and customise the content to fill the gaps in your processes.

Our courses are tailored to your needs and are therefore suited for beginner users all the way up to the experienced industry professional looking to advance their knowledge.

How can you sign-up for a Technology Transfer course?

It’s now easier than ever to sign up, simply click this button which will direct you to our online booking page. From there simply complete the form with your details and you’ve taken the first step to improving your education.