Courses to help you

Your company just bought a new Konica Minolta Colour Measurement device and you are informed that you will be the main user on the instrument.

Besides feeling completely overwhelmed and anxious, you wonder how you are going to implement the new device into your everyday work life, produce meaningful results, create reports and maximise output all at once.

The above paints a perfect picture of some of the experiences that users may feel; however, we are here to vanquish all that fear.

With expert knowledge on our Konica Minolta instruments, we will walk you through your first purchase and after sale service, leaving you confident and comfortable to easily manage and get the most out of your instrument.

Amongst other things, our super users will teach you how to:

♦ Easily export reports (software dependent)

♦ Take good and proper measurements

♦ Care for your instrument understand the readings

Our after sales courses on offer consist of different packages, each with its own focus.

Various Courses


The setting up of and confirmation that the instrument is working is included in our price. We reserve the right to charge for remote sites.


Most tertiary qualified users can read the manual and use the instrument without us, but we offer on-site orientation modules by quotation per session.


We offer on-site orientation modules by quotation per session. The requirements are analysed and normally a solution given.


Many customers have a special request like report format, special equations, special conditions and the like. Written specifications are required in this regard.

In addition to the above courses, we offer an in-depth colour school. The prime focus of the colour school is colour physics. We also host user groups, webinars and have the ability to customise software templates.

For more on our after sales courses, please do not hesitate to contact us