On-site and Virtual Training Sessions

On-site and Virtual Technology Transfer ensuring instrument, software and colour science competence

We often find that colour and the science behind how it is measured is not clearly understood. Companies who purchase colour measurement instruments quickly realise the value that these instruments offer but don’t always see the value in competently trained users.

To fill this need we offer a number of customised training solutions, which we refer to as Technology Transfer Sessions. These comprehensive packages ensure that users get the most from their instruments as well as gaining further understanding about colour.

We are also excited to launch The Narich Academy in 2020. A single destination that companies and individuals can access to gain colour knowledge and online resources.

The following technology transfer training courses are available:

  1. On-Site Orientation – Instrument and Software
  2. On-Site Implementation – Instrument and Software
  3. On-Site Implementation – Narich™ Colour School and Colour Physics
  4. On-Site Customisation – Measuring your objects – Best settings and practices
  5. On-Site Customisation – Software Customisation
  6. Online Webinar – Single module or topic

The technology transfer sessions are perfect for:

  • New users that have never used a colour measurement device and need to learn how to use it with proper care.
  • New employees that need to learn about colour and how to measure it.
  • Refresher courses to keep you up-to-date.
  • Experienced users that want to take the next step with colour management.
  • Customized courses based on your business and application to ensure you get the most out of your device.

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