The textiles and apparel industry comprises of producers of Fibres, Yarns and in the end Fabrics. These fabrics are the either dyed or printed and then cut and sown together to create the varieties of coloured garments we see on shelves today.

The textile production process and supply chain is a highly decentralised market, where each stage of production occurs seperately from the previous. By the time a garment reaches a shelf it has been through numerous different stages with multiple different manufacturers. This decentralised supply chain can cause many errors with regards to consistency and colour control.

The textiles and apparel industry faces many challenges when it comes to controlling the colour of products throughout the supply chain. From cotton grower to yarn producer to the dyeing, cutting and finishing of garments, each stage can be controlled with objective colour management. Controlling the colour of fibre at the beginning of the supply chain will lead to more consistency of the final product.

We can solve all the challenges face by the Textiles industry with regards to colour.

The primary challenges we can solve in the Textiles and Apparel industry are:

  • Measure and control the colour of Fibre, Yarn, Fabrics and Garments
  • Assist with the dyeing process by measuring the colour of dyes and fabric during the dyeing process.
  • Formulate and predict new colours with Colibri® Colour Matching software
  • Measure the colour of fabric on the reel from Side-Middle-Side and End-to-end
  • Indicate the amount of optical brighteners in textiles
  • Measure Whiteness and Brightness
  • Illuminate fabric using a controlled lighting cabinet