Why can’t my Konica Minolta Instrument connect to the software?

Customers often request support to connect their instruments to Konica Minolta software, especially after a certification service.

A Service does NOT result in changed settings that can effect connectivity, but a Microsoft “Feature” is usually the culprit. (Dynamic USB Port Allocation)

If you wish to ensure that your Konica Minolta Instrument will connect to SpectraMagic NX (Pro or Lite) software, use the following checklist:

  1. Ensure that the software dongle (Or required Licence) is in place. The NX Hasp is a USB security key which must be present to communicate with the instrument.NXHasp  SpectraMagic NX Security HASP or Dongle
  2. Ensure that the USB to Instrument cable is connected to the PC correctly.
  3. Ensure that the USB cable or Adaptor is correctly connected to the Instrument.
  4. If using a USB to RS232 Adaptor Cable or Device, ensure that the device drivers are installed.
  5. Ensure the instrument is switched on and operating in the correct mode (PC mode, REMOTE mode)
  6. Ascertain via DEVICE MANAGER in Microsoft Windows which USB / COM Port has been allocated to the Instrument or Adaptor.
  7. In SpectraMagic NX, select Instrument Settings and select the USB port allocated to your device. You can find more about how to do this in the SpectraMagic NX Manual which can be downloaded from the Resources tab on our website. DO NOT CHANGE OTHER SETTINGS IN THIS WINDOW.
  8. In NX press Connect. As long as the instrument port allocation and the software (NX) port setting agree, the instrument will connect.


A recent 10 Pro update (Circa last quarter 2018) prohibits users to query Device Manager and requires an ADMIN user to access this level. So users who could previously access COM PORTS are now unable to. Call your IT ADMIN supervisor in this regard.

TIP: Always connect the Instrument to the SAME COM PORT.
NEVER ask windows to look for a HASP or INSTRUMENT DRIVER, these will be provided by the software NX and NX Pro.


Upgrading to Windows 10 is fully acceptable from a SpectraMagic NX point of view. NX Owners can download a free upgrade at any time from the Konica Minolta Website Software Download.
CAUTION If you connect to a PC or Laptop with a Converter or adaptor from RS232 protocol to USB with certain Instruments like the CR-400 / CR410 Chroma Meters, the adaptor drivers for windows 7 will probably not work on windows 10 and a new adaptor will have to be purchased. Further more, the Konica Minolta Website: Driver for USB-Serial Converter Cable (IF-A25 for CM-2600d series; CR-A105 for CR-400 series) is ONLY suitable for the new CR400/410 Series with USB upgrade. Legacy Instruments do not use this protocol. In this case purchase a Windows 10 friendly USB RS232  adaptor and install as normal.

Windows 10 does not automatically scan for new devices. If you have changed com ports or USB port slot manually, SCAN FOR NEW DEVICES.

Can I Network the software?

the DATA from your readings is stored in any windows format, and can be on a Network, while the Dongle feature is NOT Networkable, it must be local. If you have ONE Dongle, you can Connect ONE instrument per PC with a dongle, but you are free to move that instrument to multiple sites, along with the dongle.

What happens if the Dongle is lost or stolen?

Treat the Dongle the same as an Instrument. In fact keep them together. USB devices tend to go missing when IT decides to upgrade or change your PC and they are blissfully unaware of the value of the Dongle. Insure it and care for it as you would the Instrument.

In the event of a genuine theft or loss a new dongle can be purchased at a reduced price if accompanied by a Police Affidavit to that effect. The reduction in price is however not more than 30%

If you lose a dongle, you DO NOT lose the data.

If you are still struggling, CONTACT us.