Utility software for Chroma Meters – All good things must come to an end

CR-S4w Utility Software for CR-400/410 Chroma Meters may not work with newer Windows versions.

Konica Minolta has a number of quality control software options that allow customers to better manage and interpret their data. The software is purchased for a single once-off fee and further upgrades to the software are typically offered for free. There are no license or upgrade fees.

However, as Windows upgrades the PC operating software more regularly that companies can update the software, there are cases where a new version of Windows will no longer be compatible with the old version of the software. In these cases, customers may wonder what is wrong with the software and will contact us to resolve the issue.

When this arises, we quickly realise that the issue is not caused by the software itself but rather that the PC OS has been updated and this has caused compatibility issues with the software.

How does this affect the CR-S4w Utility Software for CR-400/410 Chroma Meters?

The most sold series of Chroma Meters in the world is the Konica Minolta CR-400/410. The first model (CR-100) was released in the 1980s and since then several successors models have been introduced to the market. Chances are if you’ve worked in the Food Industry, you have come across one of these Chroma Meters.

The CR-400/410 operates with SpectraMagic NX Pro or Lite quality control software. This ISO accredited software completely transforms the way that data is collected, interpreted, managed, reported and stored. However, some customers have chosen to rather implement a Utility Software for their Chroma Meters, the CR-S4w Utility software.

The CR-S4w Utility software is handy for controlling the Chroma Meters as well as managing data. It does not offer the same data reporting options as SpectraMagic NX, but then again it is relatively inexpensive and does the job that it is designed to do.

With the newest version of Windows released, Win10, and the soon to be released Win11, there have been some compatibility issues with the utility software on newer versions of Windows. The utility software will operate on Windows7, but should customer upgrade to Windows10, they might find that the software no longer operates as it used to or that there are a few issues arising.

Konica Minolta will not be upgrading the utility software to be compatible with newer Windows versions as there are other software packages available. So what does this mean if you currently have that software?

What can customers do if they are using CR-S4w Utility Software?

We have a number of options for customers, who currently use CR-S4w Utility Software:

  1. Do NOT upgrade to newer versions of Windows. If the software is working and the PC is working, why upgrade to a newer version? Especially when the PC is not connected to a network and security risks are low.
  2. Manage and collect data differently. Instead of using a software to drive the device and collect data, customers can use the Data Processor for the CR-400/410 which includes a Printer. As measurements are taken, they are neatly printed which can be attached to a COA or manually entered into an Excel file for example.
  3. Upgrade the software. If you need to upgrade your PC to a newer version of Windows, then consider upgrading the software at the same time. Once again there are two options that customers can choose from:
    • SpectraMagic NX Lite Quality Control Software
    • SpectraMagic NX Pro Quality Control Software

The best option will depend on your budget and requirements, but purchasing SpectraMagic NX will offer the easiest transition not to mention a more comprehensive way of managing your data.

With SpectraMagic NX, upgrades to the software are released periodically and are always offered to customers for FREE. So no matter how many times Microsoft decides to update Windows, you can be sure that your software will continue to operate.

Nervous about changing to a different software? Don’t be.

Change can be daunting and to make the change as easy as possible, Konica Minolta offer customers a 30-day FREE trial period for SpectraMagic NX. The trial version can be downloaded on the button below:

Feel free to contact Narich should you have any issues with your software or would like any advise on which software you should implement.