Trouble Connecting to OceanView

If you are experiencing any issues connection to your OceanView Spectroscopy Software follow the steps below.

Complete the following checks:

Which Windows version are you using?
Has your operating system completed its updates?
Are you connected to the Internet?
If yes, open Device Manager
Is the device registered in Device Manager under Other Devices? (Or Ocean Optics USB Devices)
If NO – Connect USB cable to Instrument and then connect Instrument to PC.


Allow the software time to automatically detect and install the driver.
Once notified that the device is installed – open Ocean View Software
OV will automatically detect the Instrument
Select QUICK VIEW and see data being collected.

IF there is a device registered in DEVICE MANAGER, either with normal or yellow Alert Triangle, UNPLUG the Instrument, and using Device Manager uninstall the driver. Scan for new hardware and then reinstall the USB connection.

IF none of this works, open Ocean View Help Licensing and carefully note your Product Key details

Write it down clearly

Go to programs, Ocean Optics, Ocean View and Uninstall the software.
Go to and download the appropriate version usually MS 64 bit.
ENSURE your internet connection is working.
Install the new software
REGISTER the software with your Product Key

Repeat the above procedure.

We assume that you have Microsoft skills or have access to a Microsoft Certified Software Engineer, as we do not support Microsoft software issues free of charge.
We assume the Instrument is working, try it on another PC that is working to check. If NOT send it in for Inspection.

Uninstalling the driver, scanning for new hardware and the OV software re-installing the software always works as long as you stick to the instructions above.

Never plug the USB in after opening the software while carrying out these steps.