Glassware Maintenance – Tips for caring for glass cells

Tips to long lasting Glassware and Glass Cells

The BEST way to preserve glass is through cautious handling and by following the best practices with regards to instrument and accessories care.

Maintaining your glassware is crucial to ensuring repeatable and reproducible measurement. Although these cells are expensive, they are optically neutral in colour and provide the best possible measurement results. Should the glassware become stained, dirty or damaged, this will affect the results received from the instrument.

We have put together some TIPS for users to help maintain them. By following these simple rules, you will ensure a longer life span for these accessories.

  • Keep them clean by using recommended laboratory glassware detergents with no optical brighteners.
  • Wash at temperatures <40°C to avoid the laminating glue from degrading.
  • Wash with gentle cleansing agents.
  • Avoid scratching and chipping the accessory.
  • Avoid staining them permanently.
  • Always keep a spare cell in stock.


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