How to Share Results within my Network?

With technology advancing at a pace faster than we can ever imagine, it is important to be able to keep up with it without breaking the bank with each new advancement.

Luckily, if you are using a Konica Minolta device and software, breaking the bank to keep up with technology is not your concern.

Konica Minolta’s forward thinking engineers designed devices that are user friendly across various platforms and technologies. Just another way of making life simpler for their customers!

As a user of a colour measurement device, we know that the job is not over when the measurements are complete. Once again Konica Minolta listened to the needs of the market and realised that users wish to communicate their results to various levels of management in a simple, convenient way.

SpectraMagic NX, was developed with sharing capabilities. It offers the user friendliness of an excel spreadsheet with the ability to be shared in the virtual world

Most companies today are switching to cloud technology. Using your Konica Minolta Device does not put restrictions on this. Users can easily share their results to the cloud of their choice. Using Google Docs as an example, here’s how:

Google Docs

The way you would share your readings saved in the SpectraMagic NX file is to copy the table data, then paste it into the “sheet” application in Google Docs. See below:

  1. Left click on the block on the left corner to highlight data to be saved. (Like an Excel)
  2. The table will highlight black.
  3. Right click on the same field specified in step 1  and select copy.
  4. Paste the data to your Google Doc Sheet.

To view this step by step process, see here.

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