Problems connecting a CR400 Series Chroma Meter to SpectraMagic NX

Can’t connect CR-400/410 Chroma Meter to SpectraMagic NX software?

This blog deals specifically with connecting a CR-400/410 Chroma Meter to SpectraMagic NX quality control software and some of the issue that users might experience.

To easily connect to your software, you need to ensure that the instrument is on PC Mode. This can be easily done on the device itself. The step by step instructions to do this is on page 53 of the manual.  Alternatively follow these steps:

  • While the instrument is off, connect it to the PC via the RS32C Cable.
  • Once connected, switch the device on.
  • On the start up screen, select the enter key.
  • Navigate the keys downward to select PC Mode.
  • Press enter to select PC Mode.
  • You should now successfully be in PC Mode.

Now that you are in PC mode, you should be able to connect to the software.









If you are new to using a CR400 Series Chroma Meter with our NX software, you may see the following message when trying to take your first Target or Sample measurement, after connecting the Instrument to the software:


The reason is that the Default software settings are for a Spectrophotometer, and to connect a Chroma Meter, you may have to change the default settings.

To do so, select the DATA drop down menu, and select Observer and Illuminant. The default settings are below:


Simply change the 10 Degree Observer from 10 Degrees to 2 Degrees, and change the default Illuminant D65 to Illuminant C and press OK.

Your new settings will look like this:


You are now good to go. Calibrate the Instrument on these new settings to ensure that the system is reading correctly.

Should you wish to NEVER have to do this again, BEFORE adding data, save the settings as A NEW TEMPLATE by going to FILE/SAVE AS/Template/Save as a Template.

Save as Template

REMEMBER a Template format does NOT save DATA, just SETTINGS. Rename the template and start your task, leaving the Master template ready for next time. You can save it with all the default templates, and you can set it to load automatically when your start up: Select FILE/START UP OPTIONS and select your template.