Prevention is better than cure

Taken in one of Cape Town’s award-winning buildings, the picture alongside may not be one of its avant-garde pieces on display, but it shows interesting differences at a closer glance.

Being a colour enthusiast, you start to notice the finer details in most objects you encounter. When I took a closer look at these urinals, I immediately saw how the different materials varied in colour.

From up close, the difference in colour is easily recognizable: architects and interior designers would not be pleased by the vast colour discrepancy. This is why accurate colour matching has become so popular and necessary today.

On the left hand sided image alongside, the ceramic wall tiles are lighter than the urinals. On the image on the right hand side, you can see that the ceramic wall tiles are darker than that of the urinals.

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. We at Narich (Pty) Ltd are dedicated to helping you prevent this from happening.

It’s more efficient to get the colour “Right the First Time”, instead of having to fix batches that are half way through production. Should you find that you are half way through production and your colourants are incorrect, why not speak to us. We can help you.

Don’t believe we can do it? Speak to our clients that are using our systems and let them tell you how much $ they have saved by preventing waste in production.

Quick Tip:

If you’re making two products of similar colour, share the colourants instead of trying to remake and rematch the colours.

For more tips and information on how we can help you, speak to us. We are waiting to solve your colour problems.