Mediation – Settle colour difference disputes

Settle colour disputes with customers and suppliers with mediation

Colour is not a property of an object. It is the property of the observation. Instrument Observation is subject to known and understood settings or conditions.

Our instruments for colour measurement have become ubiquitous especially in the food manufacturing space, from “farm to fork” as the saying goes.

Quite often we hear our customers say that their supplier of raw materials, or their customers, do not “See” what the instrument tells them.

This is a normal situation, and it has a simple solution. Human observations are subject to human “Settings” which are always adjusting and not the same as Instrument Settings which are pre-selected according to mutual requirements and standards. Humans have opinions and a poor memory of colour, and Instruments have no opinion and a long memory for data.

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The logical solution is mediation.

If two parties are using our Instruments, we are more than happy to act as go-between mediators. It is in our interest for both parties to be happy.

If the parties are using different makes of Instrument, as long as they are cie affiliated, we are still happy to mediate.