Why have a Green Tile for Colour Grading?

Customers who use our Instruments for Food Colour Grading like Flour, Spices, Coffee, Tomato’s and so forth are often motivated to add a “Green Tile” to their accessory purchases. Why do we do this?

When you purchase, or after time calibrate and certificate your instrument, you are pretty sure that it is reading the colours correctly.

If you are working alone using a PASS/FAIL procedure in your own production, slight errors may not be critical, as the PASS/FAIL remains constant (The distance in the difference) even if the absolute data is slightly incorrect.
(Your Instrument will report ERROR ALERTS if out of specification completely)

If however you are working within groups, be they Corporate, National, International or Global, you really need to have good agreement between each Instrument in the group. Indeed, one of the killer benefits of using Konica Minolta Instruments is their highly acclaimed and very tight Inter Instrument Agreement.

In this case, in between certification calibrations, an “Event” like dust, dirt, colourants etc. may be suspected of contamination the sphere. In this case, a user can quickly take out their Green Tile and measure it to the Target they saved it as, when the instrument was delivered.

Users will quickly see if there is a small or intolerable difference between Target and Sample.

As seen in images below we have set the Green Tile as a Target and measured a Sample against the Green Tile (Target)

Image 1 Setting Your Green Tile As A Target and Naming Your Green Tile.

image 2 Sample Of Green Tile against the Green Tile Target

Why Green?


If we look at the above Reflection Curve of a flour colour measurement against the 380 – 760 nm Colour Bar across the bottom, we see that Green falls into the middle of the scale. This is of course the same for the Human Colour Sense. We have Green as our most discerning colour.
IF your instrument is miss behaving, you are likely to pick it up here.

Is the Green Tile Certificated?

Ceramic tiles are inherently more stable than say paper, plastic or even metal samples, so we offer these as a more long term monitoring tool.

For those customers who need even MORE certainty in between certifications,  we also have the 12 tile ChromaCheck which not only covers the whole visible colour Spectrum, it also has a record keeping software with non editable results for more comfort and security.