Electricity Cuts aka Load Shedding – and your Instruments

How does Load Shedding affect the Instruments in your lab?

Modern instruments are designed to operate within normal electricity supply standards and norms.
Interrupted power supply, and more especially power surges when the power supply is restored can however have repercussions to your instruments.










If you are in an area that suffers regular or scheduled widespread power cuts, we suggest that the Instrument and PC if running with Software as well, are connected to the mains supply via an Uninterrupted Power Supply. (UPS) This will protect data and the instrument from surge damage.

Apart from adhering to all the power recommendations in the Instrument Manual, a UPS system will prevent accidental damage and allow for a PC to be powered down safely saving all data.

Bench-tops like the CM-5  Spectrophotometer and CR-5 Colorimeter are also supplied with an Earth Wire (Green cable) which the site electrician should contain to a safe earth connection. This can not be carried out by our installers. This prevents surge damage as well as static effects to the screen.







Hand Held instruments do not require an Earth connection, but a UPS system is also a good idea. At the very least your instruments should be connected to a Surge Protector:

What you really want to protect your instruments from are:

  • Spikes in Power supply
  • Spikes from crossing over to a generator
  • Spikes from when the power is reconnected
  • Plugging in the wrong AC adaptor (Most KM devices are 5v)


Should you have any questions in this regard, kindly contact us for further information.

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