Different Players, Same Game

Though both instruments are handheld devices and similar in design, they are completely different technologies and here is why.

Image CR400 SeriesThe Konica Minolta CR-400:

This is a handheld colorimeter suitable for measuring reflected colour and colour difference. Its measuring head can be disconnected from the data processor to perform measurements independently. The measuring head can also be linked to a PC and optional software can be used to allow the PC to carry out data processing in place of the Data Processor.

Some of its main features are:

  • Featuring a user index function for the free setting of evaluation and colour – calculation.
  • There are various accessories to measure all types of samples.
  • Compact Data Processor with integrated thermal printer.
  • It has the same illumination/ viewing optical system as the previous generation and thus data compatibility is assured.

The Konica Minolta CM-700d:

This is a handheld spectrophotometer with vertical alignment, perfectly suited for precise and repeated colour measurement of shaped and curved samples. It offers additional 3mm measuring aperture to adapt to small sample sizes.

The new generation of handheld spectrophotometers offers new technologies, enhanced ergonomics by applying Konica Minolta’s advanced optical design and signal processing technology.

Some of its main features:

  • It offers wireless data communications with an external PC or a printer using Bluetooth Technology.
  • Data memory capacity allows users to store up to 1000 targets and 4000 measurement sets.
  • Powerful and long life Xenon Flash illumination for maximum accuracy even on dark and saturated colours.
  • Choice of 3 power supply modes.
  • Sphere geometry with simultaneous measurement of specular components included and excluded.
  • Automatic “standby” power saving function mode.
Konica Minolta CM-700dKonica Minolta CR-400
Aperture8mm and 3mm ø8mm only
Maskstarget mask with and without plates (ideal for curved surfaces)light projection tube with 40mm diameter plate
Screencolour display and pseudo coloursblack and white
gives data beyond the human eye, known as spectral data which allows you to receive more accurate colour data.
chroma meter
gives data that correlates with the human eye, known as colorimetric values as a result you only receive colour difference values.
IIAwithin ∆E*ab 0.2 (MAV/SCI)
higher inter – instrument agreement for better colour data exchange
∆E* ab within 0.6
Illuminant ConditionsA, C, D50, D65, F2, F6, F7, F8, F10, F11, F12
Evaluation with 2 light sources possible
C, D65
Colour spacesL*a*b*, L*C*h, Hunter Lab, Yxy, XYZ, Munsell, and color difference in these spaces (except for Munsell)
MI, WI (ASTM E313), YI (ASTM E313-73/ASTM D1925), ISO Brightness, 8° gloss value
XYZ, Yxy, L*a*b*, Hunter Lab, L*C*h, Munsell (Illuminant C only), CMC (l:c), CIE1994, Lab99, LCh99, CIE2000, CIE WI/Tw (Illuminant D65 only), WI ASTM E313 (Illuminant C only), YI ASTM D1925 (Illuminant C only), YI ASTM E313 (Illuminant C only), User index (Up to 6 can be registered from computer)