CR-400 Utility Software – Tips & Tricks

While this Utility Software is handy for manipulating data to and from a CR-400 Series Instrument or DP Processor, it is inexpensive and the manual is rudimentary, as one would expect it to be.

There are a couple of tips which may shorten the time that you take to unravel how to use this software:

Connecting the software and Instrument:

  • The software has limited COM PORT numbers available. If required use Device Manager to allocate a number < 10
  • The Instrument must be in REMOTE mode to connect.

Uploading Data

The software assumes that data will be uploaded from the Instrument to either an Excel .csv file, or to a Text .txt file if you don’t have Excel on that PC.


Before a connected Instrument will Upload, you need to select from the “Target to Redirect Data” drop down, either an Excel or Text file option.
The greyed out Upload button then becomes functional, and a table to upload will appear on the Upload selection. Save the data that appears in the Target screen.



Manually insert the current tile data if you have multiple instruments otherwise the last data entered will be utilised.

Let us know if these tips helped.Capture