Always use the AC-Adapter supplied with your Konica Minolta instrument

Don’t damage your device – Use the correct AC-Adapter.

We have recently experienced a number of calls and service requests where customers have said that either their instrument is not powering on or is no longer operating. In this case, the only recourse that we can offer our customers is to send their device in for an Inspection Service. This allows our technicians to inspect the device for faults and damages and then repair or replace any parts that need attention.

In most cases, we cannot diagnose the exact cause of damage although there might be an indication of what caused the damage, we can never tell for sure. However, when our technicians inspect a device and the internal PCB has blown, we can be sure that there is most likely one or two reasons for this.


Damaged Circuit Board

What can cause instrument internal electronics boards to blow?

As we are seeing more and more cases where a customer’s device has experienced damage to the PC boards, we detailed some reasons as to why this is happening so that issues like this can be prevented in the future.

  1. Electricity outages and load-shedding.
    To mitigate this risk, always use a Surge Protection Plug and we highly recommend connecting the device to a UPS.
    With the continuous power surges experienced when load-shedding occurs or power is cut-out, it is recommended to connect the device up to a UPS to ensure that the power surges do not blow the internal electronics.
    Read more about the importance of Surge Protection and UPS for your colour measurement devices.
  2. Using the wrong AC-Adapter to power the device.
    Konica Minolta instruments operate with a dedicated AC-Adapter which has an output of 5V. If another AC-Adapter is connected to the instrument such as a cell-phone charger or laptop ac-adapter, there is a high likelihood that this will cause the PC Board to blow. It is absolutely crucial that customer ONLY use the AC-Adapter supplied with the device. Not doing so can lead to costly repair costs and unwanted downtime.

Should your AC-Adapter be damaged or broken, don’t go buy one at the local electronics shop and risk that it will damage your device. Contact us and we will assist in supplying you with the correct AC-Adapter for your instrument.

There is more information on this blog on how load-shedding affects instruments and the important steps that can be implemented to prevent any damage.

When in doubt, always contact Narich so that we can assist you. Don’t attempt any form of DIY on your instruments and always start by reading the instruction manual.

Take the necessary steps to protect your devices from damage. As much as our service department likes to keep busy, we always prefer to receive devices that are well cared for and show little signs of damage.