OceanView License activation issues and how to resolve them

OceanView is a powerful desktop spectroscopy software application and customers have been experiencing some minor issues when trying to activate the latest license.

OceanView 2.0 is a powerful new version of Ocean Insight’s signature desktop spectroscopy application. The software has a smoother graphical interface and provides faster, more stable data acquisition and processing.

This spectroscopy software is a licensed software product and customers will typically need to renew their current licenses every 3 years. At that time, they will receive an activation key which is used to activate the new license. New customers who purchase OceanView or OceanDirect will also receive an activation key when they purchase the software.

Ocean Insight has recently started to receive an increased number of support requests relating to the product key activation for their OceanView software. Users of OceanDirect may also experience the same issues. Should you be experiencing any issues with the activation key, take the time to read this blog to understand how to resolve the issue.

Overview and Solution:

Issue: When a customer tries to activate OceanView on their computer, they get a message telling them that they cannot connect to the server – for example, Connection to the server failed or The secure connection to the activation servers failed due to a TLS or certificate error.

Solutions: Go to the automated offline activation procedure on the Ocean Insight website at https://www.oceaninsight.com/support/software-downloads/oceanview-software-downloads/oceanview-offline-activation/.
This webpage will walk you through the offline activation procedure and enable you to activate your software.

This issue is a result of recent changes that were made by a 3rd party licensing company. Ocean Insight is working with their engineering team to resolve the issue and come up with a permanent solution.

If you are experiencing any issues with Ocean Insight software, please do contact our Support Team for assistance.