What can you expect from our Support Team?

What can you expect from our Support Team?

Our website states: We have a comprehensive list of Corporate and Specialist customers who rely on us. We won’t sell a product if we cannot take full responsibility for the sale, implementation, service, support, consulting and training thereof.

How does this translate in practice?

As soon as you have any problem related to any product we have sold you, contact us  preferably via our website

You can also contact anyone of us in your data base via telephone, their e-mail or via our main office number 0860 949 903 or +2721 462 2499 from outside of South Africa. Give us your contact details, nature of the inquiry and details of the hardware or software or related accessories as is appropriate.

This inquiry is then fed into a SUPPORT ticketed system which follows through until the issue is resolved.

Our responses will be documented and traceable and in writing.

We also have extensive Blog Subjects based on customers questions which answer most questions.
We also have Manual Downloads from our website and a host of YouTube videos traceable by the Instrument or Software name.

These processes are free of charge unless a deeper intervention is required:

  • Remote Diagnostics – Billable per half hour
  • On site Diagnostics – Billable per hour
  • On site Service – Billable per hour
  • Workshop Service – Billable per repair or certification.

Billable items require a Purchase Order Number

What can not be expected is:

  • Instant telephone support – Most issues require some research and verification prior to responding. We will take a call, note the requirements and then proceed in writing via e-mail or which ever media is suitable for the issue.
  • Allow 24 hours for a response. We realise your issue is urgent. Please take into account delays between inter-continental communication and that technicians are always busy with someone’s problem already.

What we expect:

  • A clear description of the issue with screen shots etc.
  • Have researched the Blogs
  • Have read the manual
  • Have looked at the numerous YouTube videos

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