Who can certificate a Konica Minolta Instrument?

Q: Who can Certificate or Service my Konica Minolta Instrument?
A: Only authorised Konica Minolta Service Stations can provide maintenance service of Konica Minolta instruments.

Q: Does Konica Minolta calibrate or repair instruments of other brands?
A: No, Konica Minolta service facilities exclusively provide maintenance service and calibrations for Konica Minolta instruments.

Q: Is Narich (Pty) Ltd an authorised repair centre?
A: Yes, as the exclusive distributors for Konica Minolta Sensing B.V. in the Southern African region, we are the only authorised repair centre in Southern Africa. We are responsible for selling, supporting, servicing and training of all Konica Minolta instruments.
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Q: Is Narich (Pty) Ltd able to Service and Certificate all Konica Minolta instruments?
A: No. In the case where we are unable to Service your instrument, we manage the entire process on your behalf. This results in an effortless servicing process for our customers.

For some further Explanatory Notes on Calibration and Service, click this link.

Q: Can someone else carry out a Service or Certification on a Konica Minolta instrument?
A: No. Only a listed Konica Minolta service centre is authorised to service and certificate your instrument.

You are not obliged to Certificate with us, but any other Calibration or Certification of your instrument is invalid and does not validate the quality or accuracy of the Service.
We are not authorised or able to assist other parties to Certificate Konica Minolta instruments. “Official” Standards organisations are also not permitted to issue Certifications.

None of this will matter unless you have an expensive difference of opinion with your supplier/customer and are then required to produce an authorised Certificate.

We highly recommend that you make use of our Service Centre for any issues relating to your instrument and Certification thereof.