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Relying on our human senses to correctly determine any property of any manufactured item should be, leaves us open to many variables that influence our final decision. The same can be said for tools and sensing technologies that are not calibrated correctly or are not entirely suitable for what your business needs.

Money and time can be lost while mistakes can happen. We can help you avoid wastage, uncertainty and other avoidable pitfalls with simple sensing tools for all manufacturing environments.

We have professional tools and technologies, coupled with decades of sensing experience to help your business improve and optimise production processes.

You may find that your business is struggling with one or more of these concerns. We can help you to:

Stop throwing away goods that don’t meet the correct standards.

Help your team know exactly what standards they need to achieve.

Be 100% sure that every product you manufacture is perfect.

Stop wasting precious production time on queries, uncertainty and mistakes.

Reduce mistakes and detect them before they occur to help cut costs and save money

Quick verifications and results as well as reducing errors results in an increase in production yield

Real-time data that can be used to quickly make decisions and adjust processes to achieve a desired result

When you and your team find yourselves facing the same struggles and challenges, you can turn to us for solutions that provide you with:

With partnerships and experience across a multitude of technologies and sensing products, we can advise the right colour sensing solution for your specific needs.

Having great technology is one thing, but making sure that it is calibrated to serve your specific needs is essential for you to get the most value from your investment.

When you have the right technology that has been calibrated and set up correctly, you will also be able to extract the correct data which saves time and removes all that uncertainty in your team.

Maintenance is absolutely key for ensuring that your products and technologies consistently provide accurate data. We offer affordable maintenance service level agreements to keep your colour sensing technologies running at their best.

When questions do arise, it helps to have a colour sensing partner just a click or call away. When you appoint us as your preferred supplier, our team is here 24/7 to provide the product and colour sensing support that your business needs.

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