A UK designed and manufactured comprehensive range of premium quality, highly accurate appearance testing instruments.
Now available and fully serviced in South Africa.

DOI (Orange Peel) Gloss and Haze Appearance Testing Instrument

DOI, Gloss and Haze

Measure gloss levels of surfaces, (matt – mirror gloss finishes) and quantify effects such as haze and orange peel that are invisible to a standard gloss meter.

Gloss Meters Appearance Testing Instrument

Gloss Meters

A range of glossmeters suitable for quantifying the gloss levels of matt to mirror surface finishes. Options for measuring flat, curved and small surfaces.

Opacity and Shade Appearance Testing Instrument

Opacity and Shade

Dual purpose instrument for measuring shade (greyscale) and opacity of coatings or films. This device combines 3 measurements into one, Shade, Opacity and Cleanliness.

Surface Texture and Defect Analysis Appearance Testing Instrument

Surface Defect Analysis

The new Optimap™ marks a revolution in the control of surface quality. For the first time subjective visual assessment can be replaced with reliable, representative measurement.

Rhopoint TAMS™

Total Appearance Measurement System (TAMS™) from Rhopoint. Quantifies the overall quality and harmony of a surface or coating. Developed in partnership with Konica Minolta.

Haze Meter Appearance Testing Instrument

Haze Meters

Instruments for measuring transmission haze to ASTM D1003 (CIE C) and reflectance haze to ASTM E430. For use on plastic packaging and film to measure Haze.