The Latest Spectrophotometer Series from Konica Minolta – CM-2xd Series

Konica Minolta Sensing have released a brand new Spectrophotometer, and it’s revolutionary in the Colour and Gloss Measurement space.

We have the great pleasure to announce the latest Spectrophotometer Series by Konica Minolta Sensing, the CM2xd/G Series. Unveiled for the first-time at the European Coatings Show in March 2019.

This brand-new instrument will be available in three different models.

The 3 models that will be released are:

  1. CM-26dG – Handheld Spectrophotometer and 60° Gloss Meter.
  2. CM-26d – Handheld Spectrophotometer
  3. CM-25d – Handheld Spectrophotometer

The different models ensure that all measurement requirements and applications are met.
With unrivaled versatility, this new Series is perfectly suited for Automotive, Paints, Coating, Plastics and Textile applications.

Konica Minolta Sensing are world-renowned for producing high-quality optical instruments that are easy to operate, versatile and have outstanding technical specifications and performance. Konica Minolta instruments have a reputation for tight measurement Repeatability and Inter-Instrument Agreement. This trend of producing Close-Tolerance instruments continues with the release of the new CM-2xd/G Series.

The CM-2xd/G Series offers customers an upgrade of their CM-2x00d Series of Handheld Spectrophotometers.
The features and specifications have all been upgraded and improved offering customer’s the very best in Repeatability and Inter-Instrument Agreement the market has seen in a handheld instrument.

So why is this New Handheld Spectrophotometer so impressive?

We’ve created a short summary of some of it’s outstanding technical specifications.

CM-26dG CM-26d CM-25d
Specular Component Included (SCI) Yes Yes Yes
Specular Component Excluded (SCE) Yes Yes Yes
60° Gloss Measurement Yes No No
MAV Yes Yes Yes
SAV Yes Yes No
UV 0/100  Yes Yes No
Inter-Instrument Agreement (∆E*ab) < 0,12 < 0,12 < 0,20
Repeatability (∆E*ab) < 0,02 < 0,02 < 0,04
Wavelength Range 360-740nm 360-740nm 400-700nm

Apart from the improvements made to the performance of the instrument, Konica Minolta have thought a lot about the usability and work-flow processes that users have to follow to get accurate colour measurements.
This has resulted in some significant benefits to customers and the time spent making measurements.

How will the CM-2xd Series Benefit you and your operations?


CM-2xd Features and Benefits:

  • New Standard in Inter-Instrument Agreement:
    • Exchange and compare data within a supply chain.
    • Reduce the need of transporting physical samples to compare colour data.
  • Large TFT Colour Display Screen:
    • This screen makes operating the instrument and interpreting the data easier than ever.
  • New Guided Workflow Function:
    • Graphical on-board Job function to improve workflow and reduce errors in sample preparation.
    • Improves productivity and efficiency.
  • Measure Colour and Gloss with One Instrument:
    • CM-26dG has the ability to measure both Spectral Data and 60° Gloss in one simple measurement.
  • Remote Instrument Support and Training:
    • For the first time, Support, Diagnostics, Instrument Setup and Settings can all be monitored remotely.
    • Trained support can be provided off-site using the additional CM-CT 1 module.

Both the CM-26d and CM-25d models will be available from March 2019.
The upgraded Colour and Gloss Meter, CM-26dG, will be available later in the year.

As with all our instruments we offer full Training, Service and Support in South Africa.
Making implementing the new instrument in your operations effortless and simple.

Contact us to learn more about these new instruments and why they are a perfect fit for your overall colour management.