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New imaging colorimeter LumiTop 2700 and further innovations!

“Lab specs meet production speed” – with the new, spectrally enhanced LumiTop 2700 imaging colorimeter Instrument Systems now opens up new dimensions in display measurement!


As an all-in-one system consisting of a high-end spectroradiometer, high-resolution CCD RGB camera and precise flicker-diode, the LumiTop 2700 enables complete qualification of displays of all kinds with maximum precision and minimum measurement time.


This unique combination of instruments can handle virtually all standard tasks in end-of-line tests for display production. Efficient software solutions are available for simple integration into the respective facility, reliable control of the measurement system and convenient evaluation of the measurement results.
The innovative concept references camera measurements to a central measurement with the respective spectroradiometer from the proven CAS series. Comparisons to golden samples or complex user calibrations, as required in the measurement systems hitherto used, are thus rendered completely superfluous. When performing (in many respects demanding) 2D measurement of OLED displays, for example, this is an enormous advantage!
At this year’s SID Display Week, to be held in Los Angeles/USA from 21-26 May 2017, you will have an opportunity to experience these innovations live in the production environment. In addition, we will be showcasing our new LumiCam 2400 Advanced, which has been optimized with a view to use in the automotive sector. Our two trade fair innovations will be supplemented by a live presentation of our DMS 803 display measurement system, meanwhile established in the market, for automated quality measurement. 


Our presentation at SID Display Week will be flanked by a broad range of lectures and presentations. 

Click here to see an overview of the lectures to be presented by our display specialists.

Please find more information about the new imaging colorimeter LumiTop 2700 here.

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