Business as Unusual – And what we will do to help you cope

While the Rich and Powerful meet in Davos Switzerland to discuss the implications of the “4th Industrial Revolution” South Africans and indeed many others have a sense that 2015 saw the end of many known practices, and the emergence of new and little understood forces. The first thing the Davos Debaters could do is call it the “1st Digital Revolution” as industrialisation as we know it has gone.

In Alvin Toffler’s book “Future Shock” written in 1970, he predicted “Too much change in too short a period of time” and the end of the career, to be replaced by multiple micro careers. Well the future is here, and many of the strange and different happenings in the world are compounded by our slow rate of realisation and adaptation to these changes.

So what does that mean for us and our customers?

  • Time Poverty – No time to cover everything at the pace required
  • Simplicity – Complex issues need to be reduced to simple solutions
  • Cost – Money is going to remain scarce
  • Trust – We wont have a second chance

TIME POVERTY – We commit to providing solutions that improve upon time leaking procedures with rapid results that are easy to interpret with minimum down time and shortest possible Service and Support requirements. Data generated must be understandable, reliable, useful and shareable.

SIMPLICITY – We commit to offering the simplest solution even if the task is complex, by integration optimisation. Our purchase, service, support and other procedures will be kept as simple as possible with as much free website access as possible.

COST – We commit to reduce service charges, mitigate Capex spending by offering tailored lease packages and minimise delays in all phases of our transactions.

TRUST – We commit to taking full responsibility for the efficiency of our products and procedures regardless of who “Should” have taken care of any matter.

Our solutions must offer a benefit that is cheaper than the problem being solved. In this regard our most effective solutions are developed in partnership rather than the more adversarial Old School Best Quote Wins regardless of the actual outcome. We will stand by clients when products or procedures fail, with upgrade paths for older equipment and software, spare parts and the like. We will share knowledge and know-how to optimise your procedures, if you let us.

In the past, we trawled for customers. Today, customers find us. We commit to meeting your expectations, and we request open honest dialogue if we don’t.

My very best wishes for 2016 – our 21st Birthday Year.

Richard Majewski – Managing Director – Narich (Pty) Ltd