Ocean Optics Product Range

“Ocean Optics is a company rooted in the opportunities enabled by new optical measurement technologies, active in nearly every market, industry and aspect of life.” – Ocean Optics


Spectrometers can be configured for absorption, transmission, reflectance, emission, colour and other techniques. Flexibility in the selection of gratings, slits and other components allows users to customize solutions for specific measurement challenges.


Manufacturers of Multispectral Photodiodes, Spectral Cameras, OEM Integration and more, this cutting edge Halma Group company has affordable technology for your application. See more here.


Ocean Optics modular spectrometers and accessories can be configured for absorbance, transmission, reflectance, fluorescence, emission or scattering applications.


All Ocean Optics spectrometers support a fine degree of access and control via application software. Ocean provides software tools at multiple levels of power, complexity, and programmability to meet a “full spectrum” of spectroscopic analysis and automation needs.