Konica Minolta Sensing Product Range

“Our aim is to provide customers with complete solutions, not just sell products.” – Konica Minolta Sensing Europe

Colour & Appearance

Popular within research, industrial and manufacturing environments, our high performance, precise colour measurement solutions help organizations formulate, evaluate, and control colour to meet quality standards and protect a companies brand reputation.

Light & Display

Measure the elements and intensity of light with our range of Light & Display products. Whether you are measuring illuminance, luminance or the colour of light, we have the right equipment for your budget.


In partnership with Konica Minolta, Rhopoint have designed a number of surface and appearance measurement instruments. From gloss meters to opacity meters to a meter that quantifies surface quality and harmony, we have the solution for you.

Graphic Arts & Printing

Be it traditional or digital printing processes for advertising or packaging, Konica Minolta FD series of spectrodensitometers offer reliable and accurate measurements. Of course all measurements modes of ISO 13655 are fully supported.


Konica Minolta offers a wide range of software solutions to meet your application needs.

  1. Colibri®
  2. SpectraMagic NX
  3. SpectraMagic DX
  4. Easy Checker 2007
  5. Light and Display Software
  6. Graphic Arts Software

Image CR-5 Colirimeter