Konica Minolta Sensing Product Range

“Our aim is to provide customers with complete solutions, not just sell products.” – Konica Minolta Sensing Europe

Colour & Appearance

The human eye can differentiate about 10 million colours, but only if it makes a side-by-side comparison. Quantifying colours is very convenient. Speak to us about devices for colour measurement to promote objective scientific information. See more here.


Products range from glossmeters for measuring how shiny a surface is, to gloss-haze-DOI meters for measuring orange peel and fine surface texture, through to the Optimap PSD for mapping surface finish and quantifying surface defects on low to high gloss surfaces. See more here.

Light & Display

Every aspect of imagery is important and light measurement must be taken into account. Whether you are measuring illuminance, luminance or light colour, Konica Minolta has the right equipment to meet your budget. See more here.

Graphic Arts

Be it  traditional printing process or digital printing processes for advertising or packaging, Konica Minolta FD series of spectrodensitometers offer reliable and accurate measurements. Of course all measurements modes of ISO 13655 are fully supported. See more devices here.


Konica Minolta offers a wide range of software solutions to meet your application needs.

  1. SpectraMagic NX
  2. SpectraMagic DX
  3. Colibri
Image CR-5 Colirimeter