New Bench-top Spectrophotometer from Konica Minolta Sensing

Introducing the latest bench-top Spectrophotometer from Konica Minolta – CM-36dG Series

We are pleased to announce a new bench-top Spectrophotometer series from Konica Minolta Sensing. The CM-36dG series of Spectrophotometers sets a new standard in bench-top instruments with unrivalled instrument accuracy, measurement stability and ease of use.

The new series of bench-top Spectrophotometers from Konica Minolta are the successor models to the widely utilized CM-3600A and CM-3610A for the Paint, Coatings, Plastics, Pharmaceutical, Paper and Textile industries.

Konica Minolta Sensing have once again shown that innovation and product improvement remain a core focus to the group and this is shown with the several upgrades that have been made to this new series of Spectrophotometers.

At the core, the upgrades made to the new series focus on improving quality control and instrument stability with a focus on giving customers better technology to manage colour throughout the supply chain.

What upgrades does the new series feature?

This new series of bench-top Spectrophotometers marks a new technological benchmark for bench-tops and includes a number of improvements and new features.

  1. Simultaneous Colour and Gloss measurement for improved quality inspection processes
    The CM-36dG and CM-36dGV are two-in-one bench-top instruments that can measure both colour and gloss simultaneously. For the first time, Konica Minolta have included an ISO 2813 compliant 60° gloss sensor allowing for increased workflow efficiency and complete understanding of surface colour and appearance. This feature is particularly useful to coating, plastic and textile applications to achieve an understanding of both colour and gloss in a single measurement.
  2. High measurement accuracy for outstanding quality control
    Difference in measurement values between instruments is exceedingly small due to the industry leading levels of Inter-Instrument Agreement of these models. The Inter-Instrument Agreement of the CM-36dG and CM-36dGV are within ΔE*ab 0.12 (average of 12 BCRA tiles). This represents a 20% improvement compared to previously models. This allows for better colour communication throughout the supply chain and production process.
  3. Wavelength compensation function for high stability
    CM-36dG series are equipped with a Wavelength Analysis and Adjustment (WAA) function which compensates for slight shifts in measurement values due to external factors such as ambient temperature changes. Together with annual instrument certification and maintenance, this feature helps increase measurement stability.

  1. Backward compatibility with previous models
    High Inter-model agreement with previous CM-3600A models allowing for a smooth transition when upgrading to the new series. Target and sample data correlates well between previous models and the new CM-36dG series.
  2. Improved usability for better operator productivity and reduced measurement errors
    The new CM-36dG series has several new features that improve operability and workflow:

    • Integrated camera provides a view of the samples from inside the integrating sphere for accurate positioning of measurements and increased certainty of sample positioning.
    • Status panel shows measurements status and instrument conditions to reduce measurement errors due to incorrect settings.
    • On-board measurement button allows operators to take measurements by pressing the Measurement button without needing to switch back to the PC after positioning the sample.
    • Large, lockable transmittance chamber opens widely to enable measurements of large sheets or panels. No need to cut or reduce the sample size.
    • Four measurement apertures (LAV, LMAV, MAV, SAV) for reflectance measurements on the CM-36dG series providing versatility for varying sample sizes.

3 unique models to suit your needs:

The CM-36dG series features 3 unique models to suit your measurement requirements and needs.

  1. CM-36dG Bench-top Spectrophotometer – World’s first colour and gloss bench-top Spectrophotometer with versatile horizontal or top-port alignment. Innovative measurement technology and unbeatable price-to-performance ratio for Reflectance and Transmittance measurements
  2. CM-36dGV Vertical alignment Bench-top Spectrophotometer – World’s first colour and gloss bench-top Spectrophotometer with vertical alignment for easy sample positioning.
  3. CM-36d Bench-top Spectrophotometer – Versatile horizontal or top-port alignment for Reflectance only measurements. Affordable and perfect for companies that require Reflectance measurements only.

Versatility suitable for all applications and samples:

The design of the CM-36dG and CM-36d allow for both horizontal and top-port reflectance measurements and the wide, lockable transmittance chamber (CM-36dG) ensures that different types of samples can be measured using a single device.

This measurement versatility allows companies to measure various samples throughout the production process, from raw materials and inputs, through different stages of production and product development and final products.

This multipurpose instrument series can serve multiple colour and gloss measurement applications across a wide range of industries from Paint and Coatings to Plastics or Pharmaceuticals to Textiles.

To find out more about how this new series of bench-top Spectrophotometers can improve your quality control throughout your production and supply chain, contact us and request a meeting with our team.