Narich is awarded a Trademark – What does this mean?

In November 2018, Narich (Pty) Ltd were awarded Trademark Status for our name, logo and the slogan, Creative Innovation.


A Tradmark sounds important so what does this mean?

Obtaining a Trade Mark is a slow and rigorous procedure. In this day and age of fake news, copy paste and imitation goods, a Trade mark first of all confirms that we are what we say we are, and do what we promise to do. This is now a fact, confirmed by our Trademark and not just a statement in words.

Our Logo is protected against the shape and by-line being copied, and while we use red in the name, we are actually protected for any colours we choose to use. As a colour-centric business, we selected the rainbow as all potential colours possible.

The word NARICH has no meaning in our context, it is simply a combination of the two founders first names, NAtalie and RICHard.

The image and wording are to be associated with our promise to customers and our mantra of providing CREATIVE INNOVATION in all that we do.

Founded in 1995 we have endeavoured to keep this promise, while offering cutting edge innovative solutions to meet our customer’s needs and look for innovative ways of solving challenges with relation to colour and light. Furthermore, by taking full responsibility to service and support everything we sell, we aim to provide a service that is unique to the territory we operate in.

We are very fortunate to have Platinum Status Principals in our domain of Colour and Light. It is not so easy to maintain their standards in our part of the world, and this is very much part of our value-added component when selling and supporting our products.