Our Reseller Policy – A Distributors Responsibility

As a Distributor, in most cases Sole Distributor for South Africa, SADC States, Kenya, Tanzania and Nigeria, Narich (Pty) Ltd has the same responsibilities to the brands we sell, as if we were an actual sales office of the original brand. We are not resellers or box movers working for a commission, but a valid official sales channel for the brand being sold, with all the responsibilities and duties to the customer as if we are the original brand office. So these myths don’t apply:

  • We add cost to the customer – On the contrary, we are the shortest route between the Principal and the Customer and it is in our interest to be competitive.
  • We can charge what we want – Principals set Price Points with options for discounts for volume or loyalty and maximum pricing levels to protect their brand.
  • We don’t have competition – Apart from normal competition from other brands, the original Principal demands that YOU are happy and will let us know if not.
  • We wont give discounts – Every case for a discount is put to the Principal. We do not have discretion to change prices.
  • You get better service dealing directly – The reason why Distributors are appointed is because Principals can not give a better service locally. PLUS you can complain to them about us at any stage. The Principal will always decide in favour of the customer unless an unreasonable request was made.

Distributors earn a margin based on the difference between our cost price of purchasing from the Principal and the final selling price. From this margin, we must provide:

  • Advertising and Marketing – So that you find us
  • Order Processing – Dealing with the importation charges and regulations as well as delivering the correct product to the correct place
  • Implementation – Installation, Training and Support

 We are always prepared to negotiate within reason within the boundaries set by the Principal.

RESELLERS  To avoid any misunderstandings we outline the following guidelines and requirements:

  • NARICH (Pty) Ltd is a well established business entity with regional offices, service and support and with a high commercial profile. We are also registered on our Principals Websites in prominent positions and are therefore easily reached by potential customers.
    In this regard we always expect to deal directly with our customers, and we have no reseller agreements, finders fees etc.
  • All quotation requests sent directly to the Principal are referred back to us with the original request wording. This includes requests to multiple websites globally.
  • End user information will always be required should we be obliged to work through third parties and in some cases before a shipment can be completed.
    This is required by the Principals as well as our FICA obligations regarding Sanctioned Entities prevention of Global Money Laundry and other such crimes.
  • Relationship with the Purchaser A potential reseller has to prove their relationship with the management of the Purchaser in writing by a communication from the Purchaser on their letter head and signed by an authorised public officer.
  • Added Value  A reseller has to be deemed to offer genuine added value to the Purchaser.
  • Warranty & Support The purchaser is deemed to manage warranty and support issues. We will always asist the end-user in this regard as part of our Brand Protection Policy, and forward charges to the reseller if these duties are derelict.
  • Turn Key Suppliers – If you have been commissioned by a company to provide a turnkey solution, we require a written confirmation from that company to clarify this on their letter head and signed by an authorised public officer.
  • Discounts – Unless by agreement with the Principal, no reseller discount will be offered where no value is added by the reseller.
  • Finders Fees – It is very unlikely that a reseller is able to find us and a Customer is not but in the event of this being the case, no finder’s fee will be paid, in accordance with our contracts with our Principals.

Partners –  We are always ready to discuss partnerships with individuals and organisations that can genuinely assist our customers as well as  offer mutual benefits to all parties.

Purchasing Managers – who require Old School Three Quotations can request our Sole Distributor letters of appointment.
– we will only offer one quotation for the described goods in the quotation.

Principals with whom we have agreements and contracts fully support the above policies.

Should you wish to still contact us, please use our Contact Form to submit your details.


Depending on our relationship with the end-user, even if all items above are complied with, we may choose not to work with the reseller at our discretion.