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Ocean Insight specializes in spectrometers covering the UV-NIR range. They can be either customer configured to suit the desired by application through the choice of the grating, entrance slit and detector lens, or they can be chosen from a number of preconfigured options. Selected most popular models are listed below.

General Purpose Spectrometers: FLAME Series

FLAME Spectrometer

A general purpose miniature spectrometer suitable for measuring absorbance, transmittance, reflectance/colour and irradiance.
A number of FLAME models are available which differ by the wavelength range, spectral resolution and sensitivity.

Model Spectral range, nm Resolution, nm Integration time, ms
Flame-T-UV-Vis 200-850 1.34 3.8-10000
Flame-T-Vis-NIR 350-1000 1.34 3.8-10000
Flame-T-XR1 200-1025 1.70 3.8-10000
Flame-NIR+ 970-1700 10.0 1-65000

High Resolution Spectrometers: HR series

HR4Pro Spectrometer

High resolution miniature spectrometers generally find their use in wavelength characterization of lasers and LEDs, monitoring of gases and monochromatic light sources, and determination of elemental atomic emission lines in plasma.

Model Spectral range, nm Resolution, nm Integration time, ms
HR4PRO-UV-VIS-ES 200-875 0.66 3.8-10000
HR4PRO-VIS-NIR-ES 350-1025 0.66 3.8-10000
HR4PRO-XR-ES 200-1100 0.90 3.8-10000
HR2000+CG 200-1050 0.62 1-65000
HR2000+ES 190-1100 0.90 1-65000
HR4000CG-UV-NIR 200-1100 0.47 3.8-10000

High Sensitivity Spectrometers: QEPro, HDX & MAYA series

QEPro Spectrometer

High sensitivity spectrometers are geared at measuring critical low light applications such as fluorescence, bioluminescence, phosphorescence, DNA sequencing and Raman.
Due to the very low stray light specs the spectrometers achieve S/N ratio of 400:1 to 1000:1.

Model Spectral range, nm Resolution, nm Integration time, ms Thermo-electric cooling
QEPRO-UV-VIS 200-775 1.2 8-3600000 Yes
QEPRO-VIS-NIR 350-925 1.2 8-3600000 Yes
QEPRO-XR 200-950 1.6 8-3600000 Yes
OCEAN-HDX-UV-VIS 200-800 0.73 6-10000 No
OCEAN-HDX-VIS-NIR 350-925 0.70 6-10000 No
OCEAN-HDX-XR 200-1100 1.10 6-10000 No
MAYA2000PRO-DEEP-UV 155-305 0.18 7.2-5000 No

NIR Spectrometers: NIRQuest series

NIRQuest Spectrometer

NIRQuest+ spectrometers are designed for measuring reflectance/absorbance in the NIR spectral range. They are characterized by good sensitivity and low noise.

Model Spectral range, nm Resolution, nm Integration time, ms Thermo-electric cooling
NIRQUEST+1.7 900-1700 3.13 1-1000 Yes
NIRQUEST+2.2 900-2200 5.47 1-1000 Yes
NIRQUEST+2.5 900-2500 6.25 1-1000 Yes

Microspectrometers: ST series

ST Spectrometer

Weighing only 70 g, Ocean ST microspectrometers are an appealing choice for embedding into other instrumentation, inline process operations, and at-line quality control stations.
These spectrometers are also available in various configurations depending on the chosen spectral range.

Model Spectral range, nm Resolution, nm Integration time, ms
ST-UV-Vis 200-560 1.7 3.8-10000
ST-Vis-NIR 350-810 1.7 3.8-10000
ST-NIR 650-1100 1.7 3.8-10000

Raman Spectrometers: QEPro Raman & Ocean HDX Raman series

OceanHDX Raman Spectrometer

Ocean Insight Raman spectrometers are preconfigured to operate with three selected laser excitation sources. QEPro Raman spectrometers deliver high sensitivity and low noise, while Ocean HDX models ensure robust performance and high throughput.

Model Excitation wavelength, nm Raman shift, cm-1 Resolution, cm-1 Thermo-electric cooling
QEPRO-RAMAN+ 785 0-3000 11 Yes
QEPRO-RAMAN-532 532 150-4000 14 Yes
QEPRO-RAMAN-638 638 150-3158 10 Yes
OCEAN-HDX-RAMAN7 785 150-3400 9 No