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Light Sources

Ocean Insight manufactures a number of light sources which cover broad UV-Vis-NIR range. They can be used for illumination as well as excitation and calibration purposes.

UV-Vis-NIR Light Sources: Deuterium & Tungsten, Xenon Light Sources

PX-2 Xenon Light Source

Deuterium-halogen as well as Xenon (apart from the pulsed-Xe model) light sources cover the widest spectral range and are generally used for absorbance, reflectance, colour and fluorescence measurements.

Model Illumination source Spectral range, nm
DH-2000-BAL Deuterium & Tungsten Halogen 210-2500
DH-2000-FHS-DUV-TTL Deep-UV Deuterium & Tungsten Halogen 190-2500
PX-2 Pulsed Xenon 220-750
HPX-2000 Continuous Xenon 185-2000

Vis-NIR Light Sources: Tungsten-Halogen & Krypton Light Sources

HL-2000 Tungsten-Halogen Light Source

There are several choices of the traditional Tungsten Halogen light sources providing spectral output between 360 and 2400 nm, while the Krypton light source can be used between 400 and 2500 nm.
The Krypton light source additionally displays an integrated cuvette holder (10 mm) which can be used for either absorbance or fluorescence measurements.

Model Illumination source Spectral range, nm
HL-2000-LL Long Lifetime Tungsten Halogen 360-2400
HL-2000-HP-FHSA High-powered Tungsten Halogen 360-2400
ECOVIS Krypton Halogen 400-2500

Raman Lasers

Raman Laser

Ocean Insight offers high power lasers for Raman excitation at various wavelengths. These multimode diode lasers produce narrow spectral lines, have integrated laser drivers, and are thermoelectrically cooled for optimum performance.

Model Excitation wavelength, nm Typical spectral linewidth, nm
LASER-785-LAB-SMA 785 0.10
LASER-532-LAB-FC 532 0.05
LASER-638-LAB-FC 638 0.05
LASER-1064-LAB-ADJ-SMA 1064 0.15

LED Light Sources

LED Light Sources

LED light sources are ideal for fluorescence excitation and other measurements requiring narrowband illumination. LEDs are available in discrete wavelengths ranging from 310-880 nm and in a warm white option (3000 K). LDC-1 controller is required for LED operation.

Model Central Wavelength, nm
LSM-310A LED 310
LSM-365A LED 365
LSM-385A LED 385
LSM-405A LED 405
LSM-470A LED 470
LSM-533A LED 533
LSM-635A LED 635
LSM-880A-LED 880