Accessories – Reflectance and Colour Measurements

The following describes commonly used sampling accessories for reflectance and transmittance measurement techniques.

Reflectance Probes and Probe Holders

UV-Visible Reflection/Backscatter Probes

A reflection/backscatter probe is a compact, versatile sampling option to measure diffuse and specular reflectance, backscatter, or fluorescence from samples as varied as solids, solutions, and powders.

Ocean Insight offers reflection/backscatter probes in a variety of fiber core sizes and wavelength ranges (UV-Vis, Vis-NIR, 200-1100 nm and 180-800 nm).

Reflectance Probe Holder

Reflection probe holders are sturdy, simple to use mechanical fixtures for positioning reflection probes at 45° and 90° to flat surfaces. Options are available for 6.35 mm and 3.17 mm OD probes, and for both flat and curved surfaces.

Stage-RTL-T Reflectance-Transmittance Stages

The Stage-RTL-T is a sampling system that couples to Ocean Insight spectrometers and accessories for reflection and transmission measurements of samples .

The Stage-RTL-T has a variable x-y axis rail design and adjustable platform, offering flexibility in sampling setups.

Integrating Spheres

ISP-R Series Integrating Spheres

ISP-R series integrating spheres couple to spectrometers to measure the total integrated reflectance of surfaces placed against the sphere’s sample port. The inner surface of the spheres is Teflon coated allowing spectral measurement within 200-2500 nm range.

ISP-R integrating spheres are well-suited for measurement of diffuse as well as specular reflectance (with the gloss trap option). The spheres are available in 6 mm and 8 mm sample port diameters and 30, 50 and 80 mm diameter.

ISP-REF Integrating Spheres

The ISP-REF Integrating Sphere provides even surface illumination for measurements of the color of flat samples.

The ISP-REF has 10.32 mm sample port aperture, a transfer optic assembly for restricting the fiber viewing angle and a built-in tungsten-halogen light source. The sphere is coated with Spectralon®. A simple switch allows users to manipulate the sphere for the inclusion or exclusion of specular reflectance.