Accessories – Raman

The following describes commonly used sampling accessories for raman measurement techniques.

Raman Probes and Probe Holders

General Purpose Raman Probe

Raman probes consist of a fiber bundle to route excitation light from the laser to the sample and collect Raman scattered light. Light at the laser wavelength (Rayleigh scattering) is rejected on the path to the spectrometer using a dichroic filter to avoid saturating the detector. Many versatile Raman probes are available for lab applications. Excitation wavelengths include 532, 638, 785 and 1064 nm, and both FC and SMA 905 probe terminations are available. The probes also vary in terms of the length and the diameter.

Raman Sample Probe Holder

Ocean Insight offers several sample holders for Raman analysis of liquids and solids, including a multipurpose holder that can be configured for fluorescence and other measurements. The holders accommodate Raman probes from 9.5 mm-12.7 mm diameter, and 1 cm pathlength cuvettes and 15 mm OD vials.

The SERS holder option accommodates standard microscope slides and SERS substrates.