Accessories – Irradiance and Illuminance

The following describes commonly used sampling accessories for irradiance and illuminance measurement techniques.

Irradiance Integrating Spheres

Irradiance Integrating Sphere

Integrating spheres are available that connect to Ocean Insight spectrometers and optical fibers to measure the spectral output of LEDs, lasers and other light sources. Each sphere consists of diffusing material (PTFE or Spectralon) that provides a Lambertian surface for irradiance measurements. Various sample port sizes (6-9.5 mm) and sphere diameters (30-88 mm) are available, and some models can be attached directly to the spectrometer.

Collimating Lenses

Collimating Lens

Collimating lenses make parallel the light beams that enter the spectrometer setup. These lenses allow users to control the field of view, collection efficiency and spatial resolution of their setup, and to configure illumination and collection angles for sampling.

Ocean Insight collimating lenses can be attached to the spectrometer, coupled to optical fibers, or integrated into sampling accessories.

Cosine Correctors

Cosine Correctors

Cosine correctors are optical diffusers (opaline glass, PTFE or Spectralon) that couple to fibers and spectrometers to collect signal from 180° field of view. Cosine correctors are specified for setups requiring the redistribution of incident light, such as measuring spectral irradiance of a plane surface in air or other media.

Various options are available to suit various spectral ranges (UV-Vis, Vis-NIR, 200-2500 etc.). A direct attach model can couple directly to the spectrometer.