Why are my numbers “different” ?
  • Note that your instrument will always measure and report its measurement under the conditions that you have set, so it will be “telling” you the accurate truth under THOSE conditions.
  • Are you set on the correct colour space and colour difference equation?
  • Are you comparing results from an identical instrument type and settings?
  • Are ALL of you conditions the same? (check settings such as: SCI/SCE, mask setting, illuminant etc.)
  • Are all of your accessories clean, undamaged (fingerprints, residual product, chips, scratches, stains?) and in perfect condition?
  • Your product might actually be off-spec
  • There may be damage to the instrument such as contamination of the sphere or other aspect as a result of an incident
  • Self-checks can include: green tile measurement ; white tile measurement ; red tile measurement – compare to measurement data when the instrument was known to be in perfect condition e.g. immediately after certification at a Narich (Pty) service centre
  • If the settings are all correct, and you believe that the instrument may faulty, please contact Narich (Pty) Ltd to arrange for inspection by a Konica Minolta certificated technician at one of our service centres.
  • Instrument in ‘UPDATE MODE’- 1 customer(not common)

Note: if you are unable to resolve your query, please contact us and our support team will show you how!