My Instrument has just come back from Certification, why are my readings different ?

  • The instrument settings that you use for measurements and your measurement data are your responsibility to know and keep safe.
  • Did you note your instrument settings prior to the certification?
  • Return your instrument to the settings that are required for your application.
  • In Spectramagic NX:
  • Click on the “Instrument” and “Instrument Settings” menu and “Data” and “Observer and Illuminant” menu
  • Instrument menus vary, you should check:
  • Measurement Type: Reflectance / Transmission / Petri / Liquid
  • Specular component: SCI/SCE
  • Measurement area (SAV/MAV/LAV)
  • Illuminant e.g. D65, F11, C
  • Norm Observer Angle 2 degrees or 10 degrees

Helpful Hints to Restore Your Settings:

  • Always note your own settings before sending your instrument to our Narich (Pty) Ltd service centre – this is YOUR information
  • It is important to check within your own organisation what settings have been specified, however, these are some tips to get you back on track:
  • When using a Petri mask (CM / CR-5), set your instrument to the “Petri” setting
  • When using a glass cell on the reflectance setting (with standard mask) set the specular component to SCE
  • Other settings may be instrument and application dependant.