The Narich Academy gives you access to all the information you require for your colour measurement related issues in any industry or application.

The Narich Academy is a one-stop destination for learning, understanding and implementing colour measurement technology in your business. Whether it is hardware or software related you have an abundance of resources to help you.

Go no further, look no longer, you have arrived at your destination for colour theory and practical application learning – Welcome to The Narich Academy.

The Narich Academy contains resources to assist in optimising the use of your colour measurement instrument while also providing quick access to our support and training team.

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Technology Transfer

Ensuring users and managers are competently skilled on how to use our colour and light measurement technology. Knowledge is transferred from our experts to yours in your desired format, from online single topic sessions to full-day comprehensive technology transfer.

Technology Transfer Training

Customer Support

Through our dedicated Support team we are able to offer customers quick support to ensure that downtime is limited and processes are optmised. Recently we have created NanoSupport which gives customers personal support with our specialists to solve your specific problem quickly and directly.

Customer Support Request

Learning Centre

Our learning centre is packed full of resources pertaining to colour, light and spectroscopy  to give you as much information as you need for your requirements. From blogs, booklets, manuals or videos, the learning centre is the place to find the resource you are looking for.

Learning Centre


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Understanding COVID-19 (Coronavirus):

The Narich Academy would like to acknowledge the UCT Department of Medicines work in partnership with the Knowledge Translation Unit (KTU) in providing useful resources regarding COVID-19.
These resources have been conveniently translated into 4 of South Africa’s official languages.

UCT Department of Medicine
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