NanoSupport was created to serve you, our customers, when you need us most.

You might be experiencing a problem with your device, connecting to software or need clarity on the data you receive and you are not sure where to turn?

What you need is the undivided attention of an expert who can help you solve the challenges you face. That's what Narich NanoSupport is here to offer you.

Why do you need NanoSupport?

  • Get 30-minutes with an expert when you need it
  • Direct, personal help to solve your challenge
  • No more reading manuals and blogs to solve your problems
  • One-click to book
  • No onsite technician required
  • Limit costly downtime
  • Guaranteed support at a fraction of the cost of a technician
  • Easy to connect via Zoom or Teams
  • Guaranteed to solve your challenge, no matter what it is

No quotes. No need to create a PO before you get the urgent support you need.
No waiting for an onsite technician and no callout fees.

Quick virtual support for 30-mins offered directly to you at minimal cost.

As an introductory offer to NanoSupport, we are giving you the chance to purchase 1 NanoSupport session and receive 2 sessions for FREE*

Book a 30-minute session for only R150 and get 2 Nano-Support Sessions for FREE!

This special is available for a limited time only so book your session today! 

How to Book your NanoSupport Session?

STEP 1: Click the BOOK NOW button below - This will direct you to the NanoSupport product page.

STEP 2: Click "Add to Basket" on the product page - This will direct you to the Check Out process which will ask you to register, input billing information and create an account. If you are not automatically directed to the Check Out Page, click on the Cart icon in the top right corner.

STEP 3: Complete the purchase by making the payment via your preferred payment method.

STEP 4: You will receive a confirmation email that you have purchased a NanoSupport session.

STEP 5: Our support team will get in touch with you to arrange the first NanoSupport session. The 2 free sessions will be coordinated at a later date.

STEP 6: Repeat this process whenever you need Support.

Make use of this offer today and BOOK NOW!

**The Terms and Conditions of this offer**

> This offer is only valid until 30 September 2021.

> FREE NanoSupport sessions must be used within before 31 December 2021 or they will expire.

> All future support inquiries will be directed to NanoSupport product page and must be purchased to receive support.

> NanoSupport is offered online via your preferred platform.