No matter what food or beverage you produce, you can sense and measure the colour of your product to ensure product consistency, improve quality and keep consumers happy.

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In this demo we'll show you how our solutions will revolutionise how you control the colour of your raw materials AND finished products.

More than a simple quality control measure these solutions can be used to improve your production process, prevent wastage and batch rejections.

Peanut Butter

Peanuts are roasted and ground before they are processed into Peanut Butter.

During this process, the colour of the peanuts will affect the appearance of the final product. If the raw materials are either roasted for too long or at a temperature that is too high, the colour of the final peanut butter will change.

To manage this process, a CR-410 Chroma Meter allows you to measure peanuts and peanut butter in different forms from whole peanuts to pastes.

Baked Biscuits

As a biscuit is baked, moisture decreases and the colour of the biscuit darkens.


If the biscuit is baked for too long the biscuit will crumble during the packing process and if the biscuit is under-baked, there will be too much moisture within the biscuit and will not pack properly nor meet consumer expectations.


To manage this process, a CM-600d Spectrophotometer can be used to precisely identify the optimal biscuit colour to ensure an efficient baking process.



Flavours & Fragrances

Flavours and Colourants are additives that are processed into Food and Beverage products.


If the formula or colourant is different, the final colour of the product will change from batch to batch. By effectively controlling the colours of these additives and raw materials we can ensure final product colour consistency.


A CM-5 Spectrophotometer is used to control the colour of colourants and flavourings as well as manage the production process of these additives.



Different beverage products are processed using varying raw materials.


During this process, raw materials are blended or dispersed within a base liquid. During this process or if any of the raw materials change, the final colour of the Beverage will appear different to previous batches.


A CM-5 Spectrophotometer has unlimited measurement versatility that allows companies to measure raw materials and final products from powders to liquids.



Our solutions are perfectly designed for all Food and Beverage processing applications allowing you to measure the colour of almost any sample from powders, pastes, solids or liquids.

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Research has shown that it takes consumers between 3 and 7 seconds to decide whether or not to purchase a product. That decision is based almost entirely on the product colour.


This is why controlling colour is so important in food manufacturing.

Lightweight, robust, capable of measuring everything from liquids to fine powders, large colour screens, exceptional levels of inter-instrument agreement - the list of reasons as to why the trusty CM-5 is your labs best friend are endless.


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