What’s new in the LED cutting edge space? Will you be at these events?

Instrument Systems lead the cutting edge in LED fully supporting their “We bring quality to light” statement with the latest innovations and conformance to the latest standards ion Light & Display. This is further underlined in their planned exhibitions for the rest of the year:

Exhibitions and conferences – Leading-edge knowledge is our asset

What happens at the cutting edge of technology? What innovations achieve first-mover supremacy in markets? And what advantages benefit manufacturer and customer alike? Instrument Systems is a global player operating in international markets. The company’s measurement solutions are presented at all major exhibitions and conferences worldwide. This commitment is geared to answering questions, addressing issues and playing a key role in new developments. Events this year include:


Beijing, China
November 15-17, 2016


Munich, Germany
November 08-11, 2016


London, UK
November 22-24, 2016

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